Slide Design Project

I was tasked with finding an existing print ad, and then creating a new ad that would fit into the same campaign. The project was to design the slides that would be used in a presentation if I were to pitch my new ad to the company.

First, I had to analyze the original ad. I had to look at how it used the elements of design and explain them to the viewer. I used three slides to describe the alignment, typography, and color of the original ad.

Then I had to show the new ad that I created. I used this photo, taken by Charles Nambasi, for my new ad. I added the text and the Nike swoosh. I used two slides to show how I used the elements from the original ad to create a new ad that would fit into the same ad campaign.

The last slide is used to show my contact information so that the people who watched the presentation could reach out to me if needed.

I used a black and white color scheme, with orange details to contrast and draw attention to the elements of design in the ads. This color scheme also matched with that of the ad campaign.

I used alignment y lining up all of the text on one side of the page, the opposite side of the picture. I used the same font throughout all of my slides, but to create contrast, I bolded the text for the headings, and made it white on a black background for the main title of each slide, thus separating the headings from the body text.

My target audience is professionals in an ad agency or at Nike. I appealed to this audience by using terminology that they would understand and by keeping it brief and to the point.


Lesson 13 Weekly Reflection

I liked this lesson. It taught me how to optimize the site for a lot of different things, which really just improves it and makes it feel more trustworthy. Some of the steps are pretty complicated and it gets hard to figure out, though. I am not a computer person by any means, and working with things like metadata or HTML is a whole new experience for me, and it takes some work to even understand the terminology. This was a good lesson for that, though, and I feel like i have been learning a lot.

Lesson 12 Weekly Reflection

I think when it comes to marketing these days, social media is the most important thing. It was cool to learn how to make my website and my business more social media-friendly, and how to drive people towards my site using social media. I know that a lot of sites that I visit, I link to directly through social media posts.

Project 4 was a little bit tough, just trying to keep track of all the Adwords stuff. The graphs on Adwords are very helpful with that, though. I think I’ve got the Adwords basics down pretty well. The only thing is that improving your ads and the quality of your keywords is kind of difficult. It takes a little trial and error to make it work really well, and unfortunately, I only had a few keywords and like half my ads that even did much for me.

Creative Ad Assignment

I had to make a creative ad for this project. I was assigned to make an ad for lightbulbs, I chose the brand Philips, targeted towards married men and women ages 45 to 55 with a yearly income of 90,000 dollars. I figured that these people are probably pretty busy. They are likely to have high school or college aged kids. They would probably like to retire soon. I decided to appeal to that by depicting a relaxing beach scene and advising that they use the money they save buying these lightbulbs to go on a nice vacation.

I used two photos that I got from The first is of a light bulb. It was taken by Jan Mesaros.

The second is of a beach. It was taken by Yvette Herrera.

I came up with the slogan, “Lighten Up” because it is a phrase commonly used to tell people not to be so serious. People tend to not be too serious when they are on a vacation. It is also a play on words because it’s an ad for light bulbs. I used the color blue because it is the color of the brand, and it is really easy to use for my theme because of the blue sky and the water. Even the towel in the picture just happened to be blue. It just has a very relaxing and simple connotation to it.

The primary media intake of my target audience is magazines and TV, so I made two ads, one being a full-page magazine ad, and the other is a static television ad.

I used a fun decorative/script font for the main tagline, and I contrasted it with a the body copy and call to action in a black serif font. I bolded the call to action so it would stand out better. I tried to make the text more interesting by making it aligned to the right. In the TV ad, the right side of the text and the logo are aligned with the edge of the sun/light bulb, and I think that made it a little more clean. In the magazine, the logo and the edge of the text are aligned on the right side, while the tagline is centered.

Lesson 11 Weekly Reflection

‘Eleven’ and ‘Reflection’ are an approximate rhyme, so that’s neat. Lesson 11 was pretty cooooool. I had been seeing the term ‘SEO’ like all over the place, and like most of the other little three-letter acronyms I’ve been seeing, I didn’t really know what it meant. But now I know that it stands for Search Engine Optimization, and I also understand a little bit of how to improve that and make it work for me. I also learned about making my landing page better for my ads and stuff. I had to make some changes to the ads and the keywords in my campaign, but I think the improvements and the knowledge actually helped a lot. So hopefully I can keep using the things that I have learned in this lesson to be successful in the future.

Lesson 10 Reflection

I honestly can’t remember a lot of details from the assignments this week because I was really busy and my brain is kind of overloaded.

I learned how to link Google analytics to Adwords, and that’s been running for a few days now. I haven’t found the time to check on it because of the aforementioned business, but I will probably do that this weekend. I did get to check how my keywords are doing on Adwords, though, since I got my campaign started. Some of my keywords don’t have very good quality scores, and I think it’s partially because of my landing page. I created a new add this wee, and I will probably create one or two more for that ad group that match up better with my keywords that have below average score and ad relevance.

I’m still trying to get the hang of Adwords, but I think it will be very valuable when I get it down. I’m looking forward to the next lesson and improving my site and the landing pages.

Lesson 9 Weekly Reflection

This week we talked about Google analytics. Setting it up wasn’t too complicated. Muse has a pretty easy way to do it where I just had to copy and paste the code into a section on the site building program and then re-upload it to the FTP host. Linking Analytics to Adwords is very simple, also. I still can’t get Adwords to show my quality scores for my keywords. It says that there isn’t enough information to determine a quality score, and that might be because of the bid. I changed the Max CPC manually, and I changed my daily budget and target budget, but it still wouldn’t show anything. I enabled my ads and let it run for a few days in hopes that it just needed more time to gather information. So I will check back on that today and see if it can tell me a quality score.

It’s been a lot of work this week, and been pretty confusing. Hopefully I can get all the kinks worked out quickly.

Comm 130 Icon Set Final

I was asked to create a set of icons with a topic of my choice. I chose to make icons that would be used in a clothing store or website to guide people to the products they are looking for. Of course, there would probably be a lot more than four icons in a real store, but for the sake of time, I decided to just do a t-shirt, a button-up shirt, a sneaker, and a pair of pants. The target audience is anybody who is shopping in the store or on the website.

As far as using specific elements of design, I used a lot of alignment in my effort to make the icons as symmetrical as possible. The shoe is obviously not symmetrical, but that is just the nature of a shoe. I made the icons very simple and used a black and white color scheme because in a store, you would not want the icons drawing attention away from the actual products.

Take a closer look at my icons below.

Lesson 8 Reflection

I finally got Adwords to work for me this week. There was some issue with the account. I guess I had two accounts and one of them wasn’t real or something. Every time I tried to log into it, it wouldn’t even bring up the login page, it just gave me an error message. I got it figured out, though. I made another Adwords account under my same Google account. Adwords is kind of tough to figure out at first. It kind of pressured me into creating an ad and making it live right away. I had to remove the first one because it wasn’t part of an ad group, and we had to make an ad group for the assignment. I had to go back and re-write the ad three or four times before I finally got it right.

It was a struggle. It wasn’t super difficult, but with very little experience, it was just a learning process. Now I have the experience so I can move onto the next learning process, and that’s what this is all about, I guess.

Lesson 7 Reflection

This week was a little less involved for me, at least for this class.  I was insanely busy with other classes and I was sick, so that just resulted in a little less time put forth for me. I think I learned some good things, but I wasn’t able to use them yet due to some technological difficulties. I still haven’t had the time to try using Google Adwords on a different computer yet. So I’ll try to do that on Monday, hopefully in the morning. But just by reading some of the lesson material and my classmates’ posts on the discussion board, I feel like I was able to learn generally how it works.

I did have the opportunity to work out some kinks with my website. There’s a few pages I still want to add, but it’s working pretty much how I want it to now. All in all, it’s been a decent week. Not the best, but it definitely could have been worse.