Slide Design Project

I was tasked with finding an existing print ad, and then creating a new ad that would fit into the same campaign. The project was to design the slides that would be used in a presentation if I were to pitch my new ad to the company.

First, I had to analyze the original ad. I had to look at how it used the elements of design and explain them to the viewer. I used three slides to describe the alignment, typography, and color of the original ad.

Then I had to show the new ad that I created. I used this photo, taken by Charles Nambasi, for my new ad. I added the text and the Nike swoosh. I used two slides to show how I used the elements from the original ad to create a new ad that would fit into the same ad campaign.

The last slide is used to show my contact information so that the people who watched the presentation could reach out to me if needed.

I used a black and white color scheme, with orange details to contrast and draw attention to the elements of design in the ads. This color scheme also matched with that of the ad campaign.

I used alignment y lining up all of the text on one side of the page, the opposite side of the picture. I used the same font throughout all of my slides, but to create contrast, I bolded the text for the headings, and made it white on a black background for the main title of each slide, thus separating the headings from the body text.

My target audience is professionals in an ad agency or at Nike. I appealed to this audience by using terminology that they would understand and by keeping it brief and to the point.


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