Creative Ad Assignment

I had to make a creative ad for this project. I was assigned to make an ad for lightbulbs, I chose the brand Philips, targeted towards married men and women ages 45 to 55 with a yearly income of 90,000 dollars. I figured that these people are probably pretty busy. They are likely to have high school or college aged kids. They would probably like to retire soon. I decided to appeal to that by depicting a relaxing beach scene and advising that they use the money they save buying these lightbulbs to go on a nice vacation.

I used two photos that I got from The first is of a light bulb. It was taken by Jan Mesaros.

The second is of a beach. It was taken by Yvette Herrera.

I came up with the slogan, “Lighten Up” because it is a phrase commonly used to tell people not to be so serious. People tend to not be too serious when they are on a vacation. It is also a play on words because it’s an ad for light bulbs. I used the color blue because it is the color of the brand, and it is really easy to use for my theme because of the blue sky and the water. Even the towel in the picture just happened to be blue. It just has a very relaxing and simple connotation to it.

The primary media intake of my target audience is magazines and TV, so I made two ads, one being a full-page magazine ad, and the other is a static television ad.

I used a fun decorative/script font for the main tagline, and I contrasted it with a the body copy and call to action in a black serif font. I bolded the call to action so it would stand out better. I tried to make the text more interesting by making it aligned to the right. In the TV ad, the right side of the text and the logo are aligned with the edge of the sun/light bulb, and I think that made it a little more clean. In the magazine, the logo and the edge of the text are aligned on the right side, while the tagline is centered.


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