Lesson 10 Reflection

I honestly can’t remember a lot of details from the assignments this week because I was really busy and my brain is kind of overloaded.

I learned how to link Google analytics to Adwords, and that’s been running for a few days now. I haven’t found the time to check on it because of the aforementioned business, but I will probably do that this weekend. I did get to check how my keywords are doing on Adwords, though, since I got my campaign started. Some of my keywords don’t have very good quality scores, and I think it’s partially because of my landing page. I created a new add this wee, and I will probably create one or two more for that ad group that match up better with my keywords that have below average score and ad relevance.

I’m still trying to get the hang of Adwords, but I think it will be very valuable when I get it down. I’m looking forward to the next lesson and improving my site and the landing pages.


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