Lesson 9 Weekly Reflection

This week we talked about Google analytics. Setting it up wasn’t too complicated. Muse has a pretty easy way to do it where I just had to copy and paste the code into a section on the site building program and then re-upload it to the FTP host. Linking Analytics to Adwords is very simple, also. I still can’t get Adwords to show my quality scores for my keywords. It says that there isn’t enough information to determine a quality score, and that might be because of the bid. I changed the Max CPC manually, and I changed my daily budget and target budget, but it still wouldn’t show anything. I enabled my ads and let it run for a few days in hopes that it just needed more time to gather information. So I will check back on that today and see if it can tell me a quality score.

It’s been a lot of work this week, and been pretty confusing. Hopefully I can get all the kinks worked out quickly.


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