Comm 130 Icon Set Final

I was asked to create a set of icons with a topic of my choice. I chose to make icons that would be used in a clothing store or website to guide people to the products they are looking for. Of course, there would probably be a lot more than four icons in a real store, but for the sake of time, I decided to just do a t-shirt, a button-up shirt, a sneaker, and a pair of pants. The target audience is anybody who is shopping in the store or on the website.

As far as using specific elements of design, I used a lot of alignment in my effort to make the icons as symmetrical as possible. The shoe is obviously not symmetrical, but that is just the nature of a shoe. I made the icons very simple and used a black and white color scheme because in a store, you would not want the icons drawing attention away from the actual products.

Take a closer look at my icons below.


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