Lesson 2 Weekly Reflection

I have really enjoyed this week in B 250. It seems a little bit strange, though. I always thought that it would be really difficult  and confusing to create an online business. It seems really complicated from the outside, but now that I have started the first steps, it seems a lot easier and a lot more doable. Of course I am very early in the process, so it could still go south and get a lot more difficult. I think it was very helpful to learn about the possible business models for online companies. The introduction to Google Adwords was also nice.

Seeing a list of online business models with their descriptions was very good for me. It was actually pretty eye opening. Honestly, I never really thought of having anything other than the merchant model, and that was little bit intimidating because I am a college student and I don’t really have the money to buy up a bunch inventory. So it is nice to see that there is the possibility of just creating a blog website and trying to sell advertising space on the site.

Adwords is still a little bit confusing to me, although what I have learned so far is definitely more simple than I was expecting. Hopefully that trend continues. I am still not totally sure how the whole Adwords thing works, or what my business would get out of it, but I feel like it’s a pretty commonly used service, and that makes me feel better about it.

I have actually really enjoyed this lesson. I have been pretty busy with it, but I feel like I have learned a lot, and it will benefit me greatly in my future.


NBA Community Assist Graphic Reverse Engineered

In this post, I will be examining a graphic posted on the National Basketball Association’s Instagram page, depicting the finalists for the NBA Community Assist award, and instructing fans and followers on how to vote for the player they think is the most deserving. You can find the graphic on the NBA official Instagram account here.

Contrast: In terms of contrast, I think the most noticeable thing is the fonts and the colors. You can see how the fonts you can see how the fonts in the logos in the top left are different, however, this was not so much a choice made by the designer, but just a matter of having different logos. The font used for the players’ names is very different from the font used for the voting instructions, and more contrast is created by making the hashtags bold in the instructions.

Repetition: Repetition is pretty apparent in this one. You can see the shapes of the pictures of the players. The team logo placement is the same in each picture, and every picture is of the player spending time with kids. The NBA logo is also repeated in the top left, and the bottom right corner.

Alignment: You can see right away that the text in the directions is parallel to the borders of the pictures, angling upward from left to right. This gives the image a more active feel. There is a sense of motion. The left side of the gray box with the voting instructions is aligned with gray box. This doesn’t seem like much, but if it was not aligned, I think it would feel really awkward. The tops of the text saying the names of the players is also aligned, and the tops and of the logos at the top left are aligned as well.

Proximity: This one is very obvious. The logos of the organizations giving the award are together at the top. The photos of all the players who are finalists for the award are grouped together in the center.

Color: I think the use of color was very interesting. You can see that in every photo, the team colors are represented somewhere in the picture, sometimes just a tiny bit, and sometimes very prominently.

In conclusion, I feel like this graphic is very well done. It is pretty busy, but not in a bad way. It feels very active, which is fitting for a sports organization. It is not text heavy. It gets right to the point and gives the instructions for voting. Perfect for a social media post with a caption attached to it. I like the way the colors are organized, and I think the designer used the design elements very well.